Tim and I setup The British Trail Running Podcast to share our passion for trail running and to promote this amazing sport. The Podcast is low key, informal, hopefully informative and fun. 


After the death of my father in law from a heart attack, I decided to have a long hard look at my own lifestyle and ever expanding waistline. So I decided running might be a way to shift some weight. I found running around on the tarmac hard work and not very inspirational, so I took to the trails and started to rediscover the joy of movement, especially when running in remote places.

I love trail running/playing but do sometimes race :-

  • Hardmoors 110 finisher
  • Sub 3 hour marathon runner
  • Winner Northumberland Coastal Marathon
  • Cockbain C2C Finisher
  • Lover of the Chevy Chase Fell Race.

Most of all enjoy being part of the Trail Running Community and getting to know some fab people al

Tim enjoying a Hardmoors event.


I started running in 2010, for no other reason than I desperately needed to lose weight. The running bug took hold, no one was more surprised than me. I switched from road to trails and found I preferred ultra's to marathons. 

I'm lucky where I live in Mansfield, there's an amazing network of trails to run on. I most frequently run in Clumber Park. The Peak District is circa forty minutes away providing even more choice.

My running highlights:

  • West Highland Way Race
  • Hardmoors 110
  • The Spine Challenger
  • Marathon des Sables
  • Jungle Ultra
  • Desert Ultra

I've made more lasting friendships in my eight years of trail running than in the previous twenty; I find trail running an incongruous mix of solitude, friendship and community. 

Archi on his local trails.


JUNE 2018 - I've had a rubbish start to the year, Spine Challenger aside, and need to lose ten kilos and significantly increase my running volume, and for that matter intensity, to add a little extra motivation I've decided to take my mission public, Tim ever competitive decided to join me. Tim and I will update everyone with each show release on our weight on the day of recording and the average of our last four weeks running volume. You can see my results below:

Archi's Weight and Running Volume Tracker